My Curriculum

école d'ingénieur Sup-Galilée

2014-2017 : Engineering school Sup-Galilée

School of Computer Engineers and Networks half part in school and half part in society in Sup-galilée school in Villetaneuse.

I chosen this scool because she was rankedin the 50 first best enginner school in France this show the quality of the learning. Moreover the shool offers a formation with society part that allow me to mix Theoretical courses with a practical application in business.

To finish, the time passed in entreprise allow me to discover the world of word and have a professional experience.

école d'ingénieur Sup-Galilée

2012-2014 : Computer IUT Villetaneuse

Iut computer science at l'IUT de Villetaneuse Paris 13.

I choose to make a computer science DUT because in the first part i knew for some years that computer scientist will be my path. It only needed to know what path to take to get there.

I prefered an IUT to an preparatory School since i knew that in DUT I would be able to make practice projects from the first year, be integred to groups to realise some projects, some skills that i won't be able to have if I choose an other kind of school.

I choose l'IUT of Villetaneuse because it is one of the best in France

école d'ingénieur Sup-Galilée

2009-2012 : High school Jean Jacques Rousseau, BAC S

High school Jean-Jacques Rousseau located in montmorency.

I choose the scientist BAC because in second year of high school I don't knew about the path that I will want to take after the BAC but I wasn't an literary and i hasn't a passion for the economy. I was good in mathematical and physics.

I had my scientist baccalauréat in 2012 with the mention "assez Bien".